“Design creates culture.
    Culture shapes values.
    Values ​​determine the future.”
    -Robert L. Peters

    Combining the French word 'mue' with the reflexive pronoun 'se', Muese symbolizes the growth, transformation and evolution of the self.

    Like a snake that sheds its skin from time to time to accommodate a more evolved version of itself, Muese values ​​and believes in the process, in creation and development, as well as in changing paradigms.

    To do so, create with intentionality, remove distractions and excesses and focus on the essence. It does this by exploring lines, shapes and textures in designs that evoke strength, that inspire courage and that are executed with excellence and ethics.

    Muese is a fashion designer brand, crafted in Brazil, embodying a unique, modernist, urban and unpretentious aesthetic.