The textile sector in Brazil is a vibrant and constantly evolving industry, which plays a crucial role in the country's economy. With the aim of strengthening and representing the interests of this important segment, the Brazilian Textile Retail Association (ABVTEX) was created. Founded in 1999, the association's main mission is to promote ethics, transparency and social responsibility in relationships between retailers and suppliers in the textile sector. It acts as an important communication link between companies in the segment, the government and society, always seeking to improve commercial practices and promote a healthy and sustainable business environment.

ABVTEX Objectives and Activities

  1. Promotion of Ethics and Transparency: ABVTEX works actively to promote the adoption of ethical and transparent practices in commercial relationships between retailers and suppliers. This includes combating child and slave labor, ensuring that all associated companies comply with labor and environmental laws.

  2. Training and Development: The association offers training and development programs for its members, aiming to improve their skills and knowledge in areas such as business management, sustainability and corporate social responsibility.

  3. Advocacy and Representation: ABVTEX acts as a unified voice for Brazilian fashion retail, defending the interests of its members with the government, regulatory institutions and other interested parties. This includes participation in debates and discussions on public policies related to the textile sector and lobbying for measures that benefit companies in the segment.

  4. Sustainability and Social Responsibility: The association is committed to promoting sustainability and social responsibility in the textile sector, encouraging the adoption of sustainable practices throughout the supply chain. This involves everything from reducing water and energy consumption to supporting social and community projects in the regions where the companies operate.

The ABVTEX Program

The ABVTEX program, developed by the Brazilian Textile Retail Association, represents a significant milestone in the Brazilian fashion sector. With a focus on promoting ethical and responsible practices, the program is structured into different certification levels: bronze, silver and gold. Each level represents an increasing degree of compliance with the ethical and environmental guidelines established by the association. In addition to promoting transparency and sustainability in the supply chain, the ABVTEX program also offers support and guidance to companies, enabling them to implement best practices in their operations.

Impact and Importance of ABVTEX

The work developed by ABVTEX contributes not only to the construction of a more ethical and fair Brazilian industry, but also helps to strengthen the country's reputation on the international scene and attract investments and commercial partnerships, positioning Brazil as an important reliable and responsible supplier of textile products.

Companies like Muese demonstrate their commitment by prioritizing suppliers certified by ABVTEX, ensuring compliance with rigorous standards and strengthening their credibility. These initiatives not only benefit associated companies, but contribute to the construction of a more ethical, transparent and sustainable textile industry, boosting the country's economic and social development.


To find out more, visit www.abvtex.org.br.
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