For Paula, fashion is a form of expression, perhaps the most eloquent way we have of communicating our personality, our values, lifestyle and aspirations.

    Born in Brazil, she studied Law before pursuing a career in design. Her legal training, although perhaps not fulfilling a creative and purposeful need at the time, continues to influence his current work as a designer.

    When deciding to change careers, she studied fashion design in California, at the Academy of Art University. She presented her graduation collection as a finalist in the Supima competition at New York Fashion Week 2018 and was fortunate and honored to be selected for a scholarship at the prestigious French fashion school L'Ecole de la Chambre Syndicale de la Couture Parisienne today L'Institut Français de la Mode.

    During the last years of her training, she dedicated himself to the study of sustainability in the fashion industry, today one of the guiding pillars of her work, and which requires constant improvement, commitment and shared responsibility between all actors in the fashion chain, professionals and consumers.

    Her academic and professional experiences in both the United States and France, combined with her Brazilian origin, contributed to a repertoire of multicultural life, very unique and cosmopolitan.

    Her work is marked by a constant dialectic between opposites, seeking to harmonize the masculine and feminine, the casual and the formal, the classic and the modern, structure and fluidity through lines, shapes, textures.

    A supporter of “less is more”, she understands that sophistication is saying a lot with little, that refinement is removing excess and focusing on the essence, that modernity is questioning the established, that beauty is self-confidence and that it is admirable to be ethical.

    Through Muese, her most challenging and purposeful project, Paula seeks to inspire a culture that values ​​process, quality and authenticity, that respects time, human and environmental resources, through designs that evoke strength, respect, courage and that praise the intelligence and beauty of those who share the Muese universe.

  • “May those with similar souls find here
    a place to be free”
    - Paula Amaral